Everest Summit Push Suspended

Due to a mass equipment failure, teams on Everest have stopped their summit push and have descended below 7,700m. All clients, guides, and Sherpa are safe and accounted for at this time.

Both of our Alpenglow Expeditions teams, along with other teams on Everest, were utilizing an industry standard supplemental oxygen system during their summit push. When multiple of the team’s oxygen bottle regulators malfunctioned, the team made the difficult decision to stop their summit push and return to lower elevation.

Since this time, it has become apparent that a defective batch of oxygen bottle regulators was…

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The Final Leg of the Summit Push Begins!

After a rock star push yesterday, the Everest Rapid Ascent Team made it to Camp 3 and the Cho+Everest team arrived at Camp 2. An hour from now (at 2am Everest time) our teams will be waking up for their FINAL push to the summit.

Here’s the update from guide Chad Peele after their arrival at Camp 3 yesterday, “Team Alpenglow Expeditions is in position at 8,300m for our summit bid. Believe it or not, I’m incredibly hot lying here with bare feet. The blazing sun, clear skies and zero wind almost feels like a cheat…

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Summit Push is Underway


The Cho+Everest Lightning Ascent team departing ABC for North Col Camp on Sunday. On May 6 this team stood on top of Cho Oyu. Now they plan to be standing on the summit of Everest in just a couple days!


It’s go time on Everest and both teams are charging for the summit! The enormous anticipation of summiting is intensifying as both teams push elevation and tag higher and higher camps. Both the teams have departed Advanced Base Camp.


Low visibility REALLY makes you appreciate the fixed lines.

The Cho+Everest Team…

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Summit Push Begins Tomorrow!

The whole gang is together now at ABC on Mount Everest. Lots of chatter this morning between guides and sherpa finalizing summit plans. LAST MINUTE UPDATE FROM CHAD PEELE: “Jaime the team and I are launching tomorrow morning after bfast for our push with a summit date of the 16th!!” So it’s official – the summit push is on. The teams are bedding down for their last night of good sleep for awhile. We’ll update when they wake up.

Final Plans Being Made

Everest + Cho Team leaving EBC on their way up to ABC.

During this final stage, the guides…

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Summit Preparations Underway

The view from North Col / Camp 1 (23,000’ / 7000m)

Summit preparations are underway for both the Everest team and the Cho+Everest team.

The two teams are crossing paths for the first time since the start of their expeditions. The teams will intersect at Advanced Base Camp.

Cho+Everest Team Here’s the latest update from Adrian Ballinger and the Cho+Everest team:

Our Sherpa team make rapid ascent climbing possible

“Exactly 5 days since we became the first team of the season to stand on top of Cho Oyu, we are leaving base camp for our…

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Our Two Teams to Meet Up at ABC

Some yaks get it

The best fort ever?

After a whole lot of ascending and descending, both teams are on Everest and they will soon meet at Advanced Base Camp.

The Cho+Everest team arrived at EBC from Shegar yesterday. They are ready to climb again after summiting Cho Oyu on Sunday and then resting at “lower” altitude for a few days in Shegar. Now, they are gearing up at EBC to tackle their second 8,000m peak in under 30 days.

After a lot of strenuous climbing, the luxuries of Everest Base Camp feel extra cushy.…

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Everest Team Tags North Col

How many steps does it take to get to the top of Everest? …Better not to think about it

Continuing to acclimatize for their summit push, the Everest team completed a rotation to North Col/C1 (23,000’/7,000m) and returned to ABC (21,300’/6,400m).

The North Col is a severe sharp-edged pass that was formed by glaciers- it forms the head of the East Rongbuk Glacier. The glacier marks the first point in the route where crampons become necessary for climbers.

The route to North Col/Camp 1 gets STEEP. Rope up and crampons on!

In anticipation of summiting, the…

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Everest Team Prepares for Summit Push

The team departing Advanced Base Camp (21,300’ / 6400m) for an acclimatization climb to North Col Camp (23,000’ / 7000m).


The Everest team is planning their summit push around an upcoming window of calm weather. Current intense winds are expected to drop by May 10, making way for a massive stretch of high pressure with low winds through May 16.

ABC to North Col Camp

The team, currently based out of Advanced Base Camp (21,300’/6400m), will complete acclimatization climb to North Col Camp (23,000’/7000m) and then return to ABC for a couple more days of rest before…

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Sweet Summit Success on Cho Oyu


On Top of the 6th Tallest Mountain in the World (26,906’)

Starting their 16-hour summit push in the wee hours of the morning.

Congratulations to Adrain Ballinger and the Cho+Everest Team for their successful summit of Cho Oyu this weekend! After a heroic 16-hour summit push, a mere 9 days after leaving home, The Cho+Everest team stood atop the 6th tallest mountain in the world (26,906’).

Despite ominous weather forecasts (projected temps were -49°F) the team was lucky to sneak through a closing window of calm winds and mild temps. The team even went so…

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The Puja Ceremony – Everest Commencement!

A successful Everest journey begins with Puja.

Before leaving Everest Base Camp and beginning their arduous journey to its summit, Climbers and Sherpa take part in the Puja ceremony. A literal “right of passage”, the Puja ceremony is performed to make contact with divine Sagamartha, Mount Everest, and pray for a safe expedition.

In preparation for the ceremony, a large cairn is constructed with long strands of prayer flags. The team makes an offering of special foods and drinks and brings their climbing gear to be blessed for the journey.

Tsampa flour, a staple of the Tibetan diet, is spread on the faces of…

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Cho Oyu & Everest Team Update

Monday, April 30:

In preparation for a Cho/Everest push, guides Adrian and Topo tested their team of climbers with an acclimatization climb up

Lhotse (27,940′). 

Conditions were good with “real low wind and not much snow, just a little cloudy.” The team had a successful summit push and returned to base camp to organize gear and prepare for puja the next day.

After some well-deserved sleep, they reported, “All sherpa down and resting after big effort! Sunny and beautiful this morning after a bit more snow last night”


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Aconcagua Update: February 1, 2018


We’ll go with the most exciting news first – this morning at 10am local time we had 4 members of our climbing team summit Aconcagua. Conditions were breezy up there but winds were noticeably less than forecasted. Our teams are psyched they stuck it out and pushed up the mountain looking for that coveted summit window, and they sure did find it!

The Final Push

Prior to the successful summit push this morning, the climbing team made solid moves from camp 1 to camp 2 on January 29th, with everyone feeling pretty good as the altitude progressed. They spent two nights at…

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