Two sherpa back lit with the morning sun on Mt Everest

Just like building a house, you’ll be best served on The Road to Everest by building a solid foundation of mountaineering skills. By enrolling in a basic mountaineering course here at Alpenglow Expeditions you’ll begin to learn about crampon technique, self-arrest skills, the finer points of climbing in a rope team, and crevasse rescue skills for when things go south. 

You’ll be best served by spending at least 2 days learning the basics of traveling on snow and ice-covered terrain in a vertical environment before moving on to higher altitudes. As with anything in life, more time spent early on working and learning in this foundational realm will pay off handsomely down the road. 

We offer this basic mountaineering course in Tahoe and cover both rock, ice and snow climbing technique. We’re lucky to have diverse terrain that makes for great training opportunities. You can find equivalent courses offered throughout the United States and Europe.


Intro to Mountaineering

Beginning with the Intro to Mountaineering course, climbers learn to use their Crampons and Ice Axes, both to prevent a fall and arrest a fall. After refining movements, climbers will be introduced to the use of a rope and the appropriate knots, hitches, and rigging they may need to incorporate while exploring the mountains.


Glacier Travel

With a basic understanding of snow travel, the Glacier Travel course introduced roped travel techniques when crossing a glacier, and the fundamentals of crevasse rescue.