A climber kneels on the summit of Cho Oyu

Climb 1 of the following: Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent or Makalu. Alpenglow Expeditions strongly recommends at least one prior attempt on an 8000m peak OR extensive experience on many high altitude expedition style peaks to qualify for our group expeditions to Everest. If you don’t have an 8000m peak on your climbing resume, you’ll need to show a long list of success on big peaks along with a strong reference from a qualified mountain guide who you’ve been out with. We strongly believe that all 5 stages are the building blocks that lead to becoming a competent and high functioning member of an Everest climbing team, and we don’t recommend skipping any one step. In fact, we recommend going above and beyond during each stage if you have the time. 

While it’s certainly possible to attempt Everest without completing all of these stages, why not stack the cards in your favor? Climbing Everest is a monumental undertaking and should not be taken lightly.