Adrian Ballinger

Adrian Ballinger is one of the USA’s premier high-altitude mountain guides, and the only American guide to have both AMGA/IFMGA guide’s certification (one of roughly 150 in the USA) and more than a fifteen summits of 8,000 meter peaks (16 total, including 8 summits of Mt. Everest, 1 without supplemental oxygen). As founder of Alpenglow Expeditions, Adrian has been guiding full-time for over twenty years and has led over 125 international climbing expeditions on 6 continents.

In 2011 he, along with 2 Sherpa partners, became the first people to summit three 8,000 meter peaks in only 3 weeks (Everest twice and…

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Skiing The Ring of Fire with Emily Harrington

Cotopaxi’s summit with the steaming caldera below.

We caught up with Emily Harrington for a quick chat in Quito right before she headed into the mountains for a Ring of Fire Ski Expedition. Both she and Adrian are in Ecuador this season to complete two different objectives. Adrain will be guiding a Cotopaxi Rapid Ascent team while Emily will be skiing and climbing Cotopaxi with Michelle Parker and crew. We’re wishing the team good climbing conditions this season. They have encountered some rough storms during previous attempts!


Q: First off, can you tell us about your objective in

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Cho Oyu: An Interview with Topo Mena

Cho Oyu, the 6th tallest mountain in the world at 26,906′ /8201m

Here we come Himalaya!

Things are heating up at Alpenglow Expeditions as we make our final preparations for our Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent Expedition, which begins next week. Just hours before guide Topo Mena boarded his flight for Tibet, we had a chance to catch up with him at our office in Squaw Valley, California. We got the full scoop on the upcoming expedition, check it out below.

First, a quick bio on Topo: …

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Day 2 in the Cordillera Huayhuash with Eddie Bauer

Adrian Ballinger sent in this report from day 2 in the Cordillera Huayhuash with the Eddie Bauer team.

“Another 15 miles plus our first 16,000 foot pass. Amazing views of the east faces of Yerupaja, Siula Grande, Jarishanka and Trapecio. Now we’ve circled around from the east side of the range to the south, and we are camped off the normal route at 15,300 feet right below the amazing south face of Trapecio.”

Here’s a photo essay from day 2. All photos submitted by Adrian Ballinger:

Reflection in Lake Carhuacocha

Sunrise over Carhuacocha Lake

On the…

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Eddie Bauer in the Cordillera Huayhuash

Team of Eddie Bauer athletes is trekking in the Huayhuash scouting some ski lines…

When Eddie Bauer calls and says “hey Adrian, let’s take a team on a beautiful trek… no skiing, no climbing, just a beautiful trek” you say yes. We’ve got a team of 3 athletes (Adrian Ballinger, Drew Tabke and Lysey Dyer) out on the circuit hiking their brains out at high altitude taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful part of the world.

Yesterday they were on trail for 7 hours and 45 minutes, all above 13,000′ / 3962m including 2 passes over 15,000′…

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Announcing the Tahoe Via Ferrata

Watch the Tahoe Via Ferrata in action!

It’s Happening!

After years of dreaming and planning, we are BEYOND thrilled to officially announce the Tahoe Via Ferrata at Squaw Valley! The Tahoe Via Ferrata will ascend the iconic 1000’ Tram Face in Squaw Valley, our home, and one of the coolest rock faces around. Construction of the first two routes begins within the next few weeks and we plan to be operational by late September. We’re excited to bring the first Via Ferrata to the Lake Tahoe region!

Wait, What’s Via Ferrata?

If you’re unfamiliar with Via Ferrata,…

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Everest Photo Wrap Up

Grand “Chomolungma” as it is known in Tibet. Standing proudly at el. 29,029′

122 Everest summits between this group!

“Office” view of our support crew with scope to watch climbers progress to the summit.

Although the new snow and sunshine looks pretty at Camp 2, it’s still really hard to convince yourself to get out of your warm sleeping bag in the morning.

Final blessings the day before the summit push

Everest Rapid Ascent Team on their way to Camp 3

Everest Rapid Ascent Team

Second summit push for the Cho Oyu…

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