The Road to Everest, Part 2


As part of our #roadtoeverest series, we have updated and relaunched this blog from our archives. The original post was written by Adrian Ballinger in 2012 and has been updated to be current.


Topo Mena, year after year, is the most psyched climber on the entire mountain.

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Yesterday I wrote about what you should expect from your Mt. Everest guide service. Today’s blog is about you and what you can do to be ready to join an Everest expedition. Of course, there are many different ways to acquire…

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The Road to Everest, Part 1


As part of our #roadtoeverest series, we have updated and relaunched this blog from our archives. The original post was written by Adrian Ballinger in 2012 and has been updated to be current.


The Everest Question

While it feels like the Alpenglow Expeditions’ Everest 2019 teams wrapped up only days ago, Alpenglow is already thinking about Everest 2020. At Alpenglow, we spend nearly the entire year building our Mt. Everest team for the spring season. Many of my discussions with climbers will focus around whether they are “ready”

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Summit Success for Everest Teams

Lydia and Roxanne on the summit of Everest on May 22

Sherpa Pasang and Mingma

It’s been a long season on Everest. Jet stream winds that have lingered just north of the mountain have kept most teams on both the north and south side of the mountain hunkered down, patiently waiting for winds to subside so they can safely push for the summit. That window of relatively calm winds is upon us now and our teams have made their push to the summit and back.

All Sherpa and all members from all Alpenglow…

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Looking Ahead and Beyond the North Col (7,020m/23,030’)

Nobody blew away… but some tents at North Col Camp sure did!

As of yesterday morning (US time), all of Alpenglow’s 2019 Everest Expeditions completed their North Col rotation, despite challenging weather. Currently, we have 19 climbers on the mountain in Tibet. Our solo Lightning Ascent team member Roxanne, whose objective is to climb Everest in 14 days door-to-door from the United States, is waiting patiently in the states for a clear weather window. All teams are eagerly watching the winds and keeping an eye out for a shift in weather. With gale force winds in the…

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Four Everest Teams in 2019 for Alpenglow Expeditions

This year on Everest is unique for Alpenglow Expeditions and we’re leading four different teams up the tallest mountain in the world. Each team has a different goal, and ultimately a different style in their approach. For clarity moving forward we’ve named these team as follows:

Alpenglow’s Sherpa Team and a few of our guides prior to the puja ceremony at Advanced Base Camp.

The Rapid Ascent team on their way to base camp

Rapid Ascent Team
The Rapid Ascent team consists of 5 members, Caroline, Rob, Jim, Christina, and Kara. These strong climbers are…

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3-Day Road Trip across the Tibetan Plateau to Everest Base Camp

“Just another roadside view across the Tibetan Plateau. Mellow. @ladzinski on the drone with @erichroepke@estebantopomena @roam en route to Everest.”

When @coryrichards in on your team, you can count on seeing some gorgeous photos and videos of the expedition!

Thousands of pounds of duffle bags packed and ready to go!

On Saturday, the Alpenglow #Everest2019 team loaded thousands of pounds of gear in trucks and began a 300+ mile procession across the Tibetan Plateau towards Everest Base Camp. Over the course of 3 days, they are traveling from Lhasa to Tingri, the last stop before base camp.…

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Interview with Carla Perez, the First South American Woman to Summit Everest without Supplemental Oxygen

Carla Perez is the first South American woman to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen. Worldwide, in the entire history of climbing Everest, only seven women have ever accomplished this feat. Carla is currently en route to Everest, traveling from Quito, Ecuador all the way to Everest Base Camp in Tibet. She and Chad Peele will be guiding our main team, Everest Rapid Ascent, this spring. We caught up with her for an interview and she gave us the scoop on her upcoming adventures.

The last light of the day on the top of the world, Mount Everest


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The Days Before Adrian Heads to Everest

Happy Everest Season! Adrian Ballinger and our teams are wrapping up logistics before they leave for Tibet in less than two weeks. We asked Adrian all about his final preparations. We wanted to know what’s exciting and what’s nerve-wracking this season.

Q: Adrian, what do the last couple of weeks before Everest entail for you?

A: Mostly the last few weeks are just logistical stress! We’re trying to make all the moving parts come together and that’s everything from Chinese visas and permits, to all the equipment and food we need

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Summit Push is Underway


The Cho+Everest Lightning Ascent team departing ABC for North Col Camp on Sunday. On May 6 this team stood on top of Cho Oyu. Now they plan to be standing on the summit of Everest in just a couple days!


It’s go time on Everest and both teams are charging for the summit! The enormous anticipation of summiting is intensifying as both teams push elevation and tag higher and higher camps. Both the teams have departed Advanced Base Camp.


Low visibility REALLY makes you appreciate the fixed lines.

The Cho+Everest Team…

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Summit Push Begins Tomorrow!

The whole gang is together now at ABC on Mount Everest. Lots of chatter this morning between guides and sherpa finalizing summit plans. LAST MINUTE UPDATE FROM CHAD PEELE: “Jaime the team and I are launching tomorrow morning after bfast for our push with a summit date of the 16th!!” So it’s official – the summit push is on. The teams are bedding down for their last night of good sleep for awhile. We’ll update when they wake up.

Final Plans Being Made

Everest + Cho Team leaving EBC on their way up to ABC.

During this final stage, the guides…

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