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By Maggie Eshbaugh December 6, 2018

On their recent Ring of Fire Expedition, ski mountaineers Emily Harrington and Michelle Parker combined the hard work of climbing with the most efficient form of descent (that isn’t flying) and skied down Cotopaxi! Check out these beautiful photos by Michelle from the trip.

Emily and Michelle attempted to ski Cotopaxi a few years back but were turned around in marginal conditions – you can read all about it here. This year it looks like conditions were much better, congratulations on the summit ladies!


To the hut! Hosteria Tambopaxi. Climbing tomorrow.    //   Photo: Michelle Parker

Up-up-up. Cotopaxi stands at elevation 19,347′    //   Photo: Emily Harrington

Sunshiney ski gear to match sunshiney Emily    //   Photo: Michelle Parker

Autoblock, cordelette, slings, carabiners… check, check, check, check!    //   Photo: Emily Harrington

#coupleswhoclimb    //   Photo: Michelle Parker

Guides meeting pre-climb    //   Photo: Michelle Parker

Alpine start… at 10pm! It was a big day.    //   Photo: Michelle Parker

Sunrise over Cotopaxi    //   Photo: Michelle Parker

Cotopaxi’s summit with the steaming caldera below.

It sure beats walking down!    //   Photo: Emily Harrington

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