The 7 Summits

The tallest peak on each continent, the adventure of a lifetime. Climbing the 7 summits has long been one of the most coveted achievements in mountaineering, and is a goal that takes skill, resilience, and careful planning. 


Why choose Alpenglow?

From Kilimanjaro to Everest, our 7 summits program is built around our 20 years of experience running expeditions on these renowned peaks. We focus on providing the highest quality mountain experience for each of these objectives, including professional mountain guides, innovative climbing approaches, and the best base camp and mountain logistics available. We believe that success is found in the details, and when it comes to climbing the biggest mountains on each continent, every detail matters.




Standing at 29,032, 8,848m, Mount Everest in Nepal is the tallest peak on the planet and in turn the tallest peak in Asia. Our Everest North Side Rapid Ascent Expedition climbs this peak in just 35 days, cutting the typical expedition time down by nearly half. Our fully certified IFMGA mountain guides, experienced Sherpa, quality mountain logistics, and carefully selected teams allow us to maximize success while minimizing risk. Everest is often the final mountain for 7 summiters; saving the best (and the biggest) for last.



The tallest peak in South America is also the second tallest of the 7 summits, resting 22,841’, 6,962m above sea level. We also climb Aconcagua using our Rapid Ascent Approach, allowing us to wrap this expedition up in just 14 days. Pre-acclimatization, heli rides in and out of base camp, climbing a less busy and yet more scenic route, porters, and professional mountain guides are all a part of our formula for success on Aconcagua. 



The Caucasus Region of Russia is home to the tallest mountain in Europe; Elbrus. At 18,510’, 5,642m, this heavily glaciated peak is a perfect chance to hone in more technical mountaineering skills while also knocking off one of the 7 summits. Its low angle slopes make for a great learning environment while its glaciated terrain makes for fun and engaging climbing. Our Mt. Elbrus Rapid Ascent climb is less than a week, cutting the typical climbing time in half and making it the fastest expedition of the 7 summits. 



This 20,310’, 6,190m peak towers above North America in the deep wilderness of Alaska. Denali might not be the tallest of the 7 summits, but it can certainly be one of the most difficult, with over 13,000’ from base camp to its summit. The climb is long and challenging, but our experienced Denali guides and high end logistics help our teams reach the summit of this classic mountain. 




Rising high above the world’s coldest and most southern continent, Mt. Vinson is nothing short of an adventure. It’s 16,050’, 4,892m summit is a crowning achievement for any mountaineer. What it lacks in altitude, it makes up for in its remote setting, challenging conditions, and incredible beauty. Our certified guides, comfortable mountain infrastructure, and depth of experience helps bring our teams to the summit of the tallest peak in Antarctica.



Kilimanjaro is the least technical of the 7 summits, but is still one of the most spectacular mountains on the planet. At 19,341’, 5,895m, Kilimanjaro’s summit looms above the plains of Eastern Africa. We climb via the less crowded “Rongai” Route, and take our time acclimatizing throughout the 6 day journey to the summit. Our accommodations on the mountain are second to none, with incredible food and cooks, porters, roomy tents, and the best guides in the business. Kilimanjaro is often the first of the 7 summits that people climb, and is a great peak to first get acquainted with altitude.


Carstensz Pyramid:

The Carstensz Pyramid on the remote Island of West Papua is perhaps the most unique of the 7 summits. Its steep limestone rock face is the only peak of the 7 to involve rock climbing, and is an adventure for any climber. Heli fights in and out of base camp help us avoid a long approach and keep the trip just 11 days. The logistics involved with climbing Carstensz can be quite complicated, and we’re proud to work with the best local logistics team available to set our team up for success. The Carstensz Pyramid is an incredibly fun climb and a welcome relief from long walks uphill in the cold like the remaining 6 peaks.



Not ready for the 7 summits?

Here at Alpenglow, we believe in building strong and competent teams to help set our expeditions up for success. This starts with a strong foundation in education and building the necessary experience for a climbing objective. If you have a dream of climbing the 7 summits, but need somewhere to start, we know just the place for you.


Shasta Mountaineering School:

Mt. Shasta in Northern California is a great place to develop the foundations of mountaineering without needing to travel abroad. Our 5 day Shasta Mountaineering School gives students all the skills necessary to climb glaciated mountains and is the perfect stepping stone in international expeditions at higher altitudes.



Ecuador Climbing School:

We run more expeditions to Ecuador than any other country throughout the year, and Ecuador is our favorite place to introduce high altitudes to people starting their high altitude mountaineering careers. The access to iconic, glaciated, 5,000-6,000m peaks is unparalleled, and the peaks there are excellent learning grounds to develop technical skills, altitude experience. Incredible haciendas wait for us at the base of each peak, making this the perfect place to climb high and rest easy after trying hard in the alpine.


Peru Climbing School:

Looking for a more remote learning environment? The Cordillera Blanca in Peru is the perfect range to learn how to climb at altitude in some more steep and technical terrain. Spend 15 days base camping in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world and developing the foundational skills necessary to climb all around the world.




Stoked to make it happen?

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