General Manager

Starting at a very young age, Sean realized that solo adventures in mother nature are fun, but sharing the thrill of an adventure with friends and family was far more special and memorable. Beginning in the mid 2000’s Sean had a short but fun-filled guiding career based in San Francisco, California where he led clients on single pitch rock climbing days in Castle Rock State Park, or backpackers up to the high alpine areas of Tuolumne Meadows for multi-day excursions, and was even lucky enough to guide a day of surfing in Bolinas.  If you ever get the chance, ask him about the time he was hired to search for pirate treasure on Bunny Wailer’s property in Jamaica. True story.

From 2007 to 2015 he spent 7.5 years working at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, getting a first hand glimpse at the inner workings of a large organization operating in the outdoor space. Sean’s first years in Tahoe were spent as a ticket sales employee skiing every day, before moving up the ranks and working in the marketing department for 5 years building premier music and sporting events while managing the resort’s corporate partnerships. Fun story – Sean brought Squaw Valley into the 21st century when he started their official Instagram channel back in 2011.

In November of 2017 he was able to join an Alpenglow Rapid Ascent team that climbed Cotopaxi in Ecuador. This was his first summit above 14,000′ and even his first time in crampons!

In May of 2021, Sean simultaneously took his AMGA single pitch instructor course while receiving a promotion to General Manager from his prior position of Director of Marketing and Sales.