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Summit Push Begins Tomorrow!

The whole gang is together now at ABC on Mount Everest. Lots of chatter this morning between guides and sherpa finalizing summit plans. LAST MINUTE UPDATE FROM CHAD PEELE: “Jaime the team and I are launching tomorrow morning after bfast for our push with a summit date of the 16th!!” So it’s official – the summit push is on. The teams are bedding down for their last night of good sleep for awhile. We’ll update when they wake up.

Final Plans Being Made

Everest + Cho Team leaving EBC on their way up to ABC.

During this final stage, the guides endlessly play out all scenarios with each other. Chattering back and forth they talk about potential dates moving from camp to camp while always bringing up how they would react if something doesn’t go just right. They plan for the worst case with their eyes on the best case. With two separate Alpenglow teams working in conjunction for their summit bid, they want to be careful not to get in each other’s way, but rather put together strategic plans so that in the end the teams are more efficient during this pivotal moment of the expedition.

Cho + Everest Team The latest update from Adrian: “If you’re gonna climb #Everest in a week, this is the crew to do it with! We’re moving up, 6400m (21,000 ft) tonight, with a pretty darn exciting summit plan. No really, it’s rad! Stay tuned.” Can you tell that he’s excited? They are currently working out the final details of their exact plan and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as they lock in the plan.

The Everest Rapid Ascent Team Working closely with the Cho + Everest team, lead guides Chad Peele and Jaime Avila sound like they are ready to go. From Chad “After all the work, waiting and stress we’ve targeted our ideal day and will begin our summit push tomorrow. If our planning pays off we will stand on top of Mt. Everest May 16th. Sooo stoked!!!”

122 Everest Summits between this group!