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The Road To Everest

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EVEREST – The name itself conjures up feats of strength and stories of both human triumph and tribulation.

It is the glimmering goal of mountaineers around the world, standing as a beacon for both challenge and self-discovery. Many climbers begin the seemingly simple task of climbing mountains when, somewhere along the line, we read a book or watched a movie about epic adventures from the highest peak on this rocky planet.

The 5 stages outlined in The Road to Everest represent key building blocks that any climber should strongly consider if the ultimate goal is attempting to climb the tallest peak in the world. Everest may not be every climber’s dream summit, and for that person, these stages are a thorough outline for any high altitude summit etching the skyline in the mountain ranges of the world. It is important to keep in mind that these are only suggestions along a climbers path, and many other options for gaining experience and training exist out there.

Timeline Along The Road To Everest

For the extremely focused individual with unlimited funds, time and energy, this road can be done in a year. More commonly, however, a project like this is done in 3-4 years on the fast end, and typically more than 5 years. It’s not unusual for a climber to spend a decade or more moving methodically through skills practice while gaining invaluable experience at high altitude. It’s a fact of life that the more time spent perfecting a craft like climbing high altitude glaciated peaks, the better craftsman you become along the way. Apply some diligence, discipline, and passion and you’ll be rewarded with a shot at standing on top of Everest alongside the world’s best team.

Stage 1: The Basics

Enroll in a basic mountaineering course to learn the basics of snow travel, glacier travel, and start to scratch the surface of moving in the vertical realm. Learning the basics of mountain travel will build a strong foundation from which your mountaineering career will grow.

Stage 1 Recommended Adventures

These two U.S. adventures are the perfect place to start the Road to Everest
Guide shows rope skills during an Intro to Mountaineering course near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains with Alpenglow Expeditions' Tahoe mountain guides.

Intro to Mountaineering Course

Introductory Next Available
Running privately while conditions allow, open enrollment will resume in Spring 2025
1 full day (8 hours) North Lake Tahoe, CA
Guide teaches a group of students Mountaineering skills, like glacier travel and crevasse rescue, near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains with Alpenglow Expeditions' Tahoe mountain guides.

Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Course

Introductory Next Available
Running privately while conditions still allow, open enrollment will resume in Spring 2025!
1 full day (8 hours) North Lake Tahoe, California

Stage 2: Introductory and Intermediate High-Altitude Peaks

Take your fundamental skills learned in stage 1 and begin to apply them to high-altitude peaks across the world. We recommend climbing 3 peaks in the introductory to intermediate realm before moving on in The Road to Everest.

To complete stage 2, we recommend the following our  Ecuador Climbing School, Peru Climbing School Volcanoes of Mexico,  or Mountains of Bolivia Expeditions.

Stage 2 Recommended Expeditions

Take a look at the expeditions we recommend for Stage 2 of the Road to Everest

Stage 3: Expedition Style 7,000m Peak Expedition

This step is all about altitude experience above 6000m while improving efficiency in building camps, and generally finding comfort existing at altitude. Complete this stage and you’ll be ready to test your mettle on an 8000m peak.

Stage 3 Recommended Expeditions

Below are the expeditions we recommend for Stage 3 of the Road the Everest

Stage 4 – Climb an 8,000m Peak

Alpenglow Expeditions strongly recommends at least one prior attempt on an 8000m peak OR extensive experience on many high altitude expedition style peaks to qualify for our group expeditions to Everest. This is your opportunity learn how to climb above 8,000m before trying to climb the tallest mountain on the planet. If you want to maximize your chances of success on Everest, this is a key step.

Stage 4 Recommended Expeditions

See all of the 8,000m peak expeditions that will set you up for success on Everest.

Stage 5 – Everest

Rising above all other mountain peaks and standing at 29,029’/8848m, Mt Everest, or Chomolongma in Tibetan, is the culmination of a dream. You’ve spent years acquiring the experience needed to be a critical player on an Everest climbing team by honing your craft on peaks across the world. You’re confident you have what it takes to take on the Big E. Time to head out and put all that hard-earned experience to use.