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Teen AIARE 1 Avalanche Course

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Teen AIARE 1 Avalanche Course

Introductory 2 full days (8 hours each) Conditions Dependent
This is a comprehensive, entry-level avalanche course designed for teenagers (ages 13-18) with basic ski/snowboard touring experience. There are no other prerequisites, although if your child has less than 5 days of backcountry experience, they need to join our Backcountry 1.0 course first.
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Due to the success of our Hybrid AIARE 1, we decided to use it for our Teen AIARE 1 to accommodate the challenge of freeing up three full days in kids’ busy schedules.

The online version of the standard avalanche course curriculum has been carefully crafted by AIARE (American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education) with the intention of maintaining the same learning outcomes while completely eliminating the need to spend extended periods of time in a classroom. We’re excited to maintain this new itinerary as we lead the way in innovative mountain guiding techniques designed to step into the 21st century while spending as much time outside as possible.


Skiers must be competent resort skiers able to link turns in a variety of terrain and snow conditions.


Excellent physical fitness is required. Skiers must be able to hike for many hours at a time while carrying a pack.
Digital Learning
Self Paced & Live Meeting

The digital component of the new AIARE 1 course will comprise both a self paced version and a live online meeting with your instructor and other students in your class.

Field Day 1
Skills and Technique

A meet and greet with your group of 6 students and single instructor will be completed outdoors, likely at a trailhead. The day will consist of an easy tour with stops through the day to work on terrain recognition and rescue skills.

Field Day 2
Skills and Technique

The final day of the course builds on the prior day, culminating in a full planning session and execution of a backcountry tour.

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