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Avalanche Refresher

aiare course in lake tahoe taught by professional mountain guides. Avalanche refresher.

Avalanche Refresher In Lake Tahoe

Per person
Per person
Introductory 1 full day (8 hours) Conditions dependent
This is a comprehensive, one-day avalanche refresher course designed for those who have already taken an AIARE 1 course or equivalent and would like to refresh their skills. This course reviews the basic recreational avalanche 1 course curriculum with our Tahoe avalanche instructors, and will help students refresh their decision-making, terrain assessment, rescue skills and more.
December 7, 2024
Learn Backcountry Skiing, Splitboarding, and avalanche refresher education in Lake Tahoe with professional ski guides.
aiare course in lake tahoe taught by professional mountain guides. our tahoe avalanche instructors teach avalanche refresher, AIARE 1, AIARE 2 and more!

By popular demand, we’ve created a one day, field-based Avalanche Refresher course in Lake Tahoe that updates the skills that skiers and riders have previously learned in an AIARE 1 course or equivalent avalanche education based course.

This course provides a review of Rec 1 material, industry updates, rescue skills and more. You can expect to go over terrain assessment, snowpack evaluation, rescue skills, decision making and planning a tour with our Tahoe ski guides.

Completion of an AIARE 1 course or equivalent.
Must be an advanced intermediate skier/rider that is competent on and off-piste in a variety of conditions. This is comparable to confidence on all blue and most black diamond runs at the resort (including ungroomed terrain).
Excellent physical fitness is required. Skiers must be able to hike for many hours at a time while carrying a pack.
Field Day
Skills and Technique

A meet and greet with your group of 6 students and single instructor will be completed outdoors, likely at a trailhead. The day will consist of an easy tour with stops through the day to work on terrain recognition and rescue skills.

Our Tahoe Avalanche Instructors & Guides

Lake Tahoe Avalanche Refresher Questions

The answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Avalanche Refresher course in Lake Tahoe.
aiare course in lake tahoe taught by professional mountain guides

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