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The Alpenglow Approach

Beginner mountaineering students on an intro to high-altitude mountaineering course in Ecuador, taught by Alpenglow Expeditions' professional mountain guides, standing on a volcano at sunrise.

At Alpenglow, we do things differently.

Alpenglow was founded based on a single vision: to facilitate powerful mountain experiences at the absolute highest standard. We wanted to create a guide service where guests would be treated like partners, where team sizes would remain small and tight-knit, and where we’d never compromise quality in favor of the bottom line.

We’re proud to say we’ve never wavered in that approach. We are committed to innovating and updating our techniques to make mountain travel safer and more efficient with each passing year. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of instruction for every course, trip, and expedition. All our lead guides are AMGA- or IFMGA-certified or aspirant guides, and all of our staff members are highly experienced and carefully vetted. Both at home and abroad, we do our utmost to take care of our people, uplift local mountain communities, and protect the environments we explore.


Rapid Ascent™ is an innovative program that combines hypoxic training with precise logistics and small team sizes to reliably increase chances of summit success. Our methods reduce time away from home by up to 50%, allowing guests to prioritize their climbing goals without sacrificing their responsibilities to family or career.

From delivering your training equipment at your doorstep to helicoptering you straight to the mountain, every aspect of our program is designed to give you the highest chance of a successful summit. As a result, Rapid Ascent™ clients experience reduced risk of on-mountain illness and arrive in base camp feeling strong, energized, and ready to go.

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The best guides on the planet.

All our lead guides are AMGA or IFMGA-certified or aspirant guides —which means they’ve spent years honing their skills on the world’s tallest mountains.

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We do what’s right.

All guides are stewards—both of the mountain ranges they travel and the communities they pass through along the way. At Alpenglow, we take that responsibility seriously. We don’t sacrifice at any level, and we never cut corners to make a profit.

Both in the U.S. and abroad, we are committed to providing all our guides and support staff with a fair, living wage. We hire local personnel whenever possible, and we take care to choose objectives and techniques that uplift local cultures and protect fragile ecosystems.

At Alpenglow, we believe that we’re all part of the same team, and we strive to work together to leave the mountains better than we found them.

From hot showers and high-speed internet to fresh, nutritious food, Alpenglow base camps never skimp on comfort. Because we believe well-fed, well-rested teams perform better on the mountain, we fly in fresh vegetables, employ trained cooks to prepare high-quality meals, provide gorgeous hangout and dining domes, and furnish each climber with their own spacious individual tent.
Premier Logisitcs
We organize all in-country transportation and logistics, from the minute you step off the plane to the minute we drop you off at the airport at the end of the trip. Alpenglow utilizes the best transportation for every expedition, and we handle all in-country flights. That way you can focus on the climb.
In-Country Accommodations
We’ll be working hard on the mountain; we don’t see any need to rough it in between. When you climb with us, you can expect to stay in beautiful hotels and spacious haciendas—not in cramped mountain huts.
Cultural Immersion
We believe powerful mountain experiences are about more than just the climb. We provide guests the opportunity to explore rich cultural centers in the countries we visit, sample traditional cuisine, speak with local climbers, and gain new perspectives as global citizens.
Health & Wellness
Health and wellness are absolutely key to a successful summit. All Alpenglow guides are trained Wilderness First Responders, and we have one of the world’s foremost high-altitude medical experts on call 24/7. Both in and out of camp, we maintain rigorous hygiene standards, and we only serve expertly prepared, high-quality food.
Support Teams
Our local support staff are the backbone of every expedition. We work with highly experienced local guides, porters, and logistics operators in every country we visit. Their intimate local knowledge ensures that we’re tapped into local conditions and can pivot seamlessly to ensure expedition success.