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AIARE 1: 3-Day Course In North Lake Tahoe

aiare course in lake tahoe taught by professional mountain guides

North Lake Tahoe AIARE 1: 3-Day Course

Per person
Per person
Introductory 3 days, 8 hours a day Lake Tahoe, California
This is a comprehensive, entry-level avalanche course in North Lake Tahoe designed for those with basic ski/snowboard touring experience. This AIARE 1 course will be three days of in-person learning, both in a classroom and the field. There are no other prerequisites, although, if you have less than 5 days of backcountry experience, you need to join our Backcountry 1.0 course first. Please see the preparation section for more information before reserving if you are not sure if you qualify.
Mar 01, 2024 – Mar 03, 2024
aiare course in lake tahoe taught by professional mountain guides

Begin your Avalanche Education in North Lake Tahoe, and begin to establish an intricate understanding of the Backcountry.

We are providing an all in-person AIARE again this season! It will be 3 full days: 2 days with half of the day in class and half in the field. The third day will have a short classroom meeting in the morning and then spend the majority of the day doing field based learning.


Backcountry 1.0 course, or 5-10 days of touring experience.


Must be an advanced intermediate skier/rider that is competent on and off-piste in a variety of conditions. This is comparable to confidence on all blue and most black diamond runs at the resort (including ungroomed terrain).


Excellent physical fitness is required. Skiers must be able to hike for many hours at a time while carrying a pack.
Day 1 & 2
Classroom + In Field

The first two days of your course will be used to learn in a classroom with your instructors. After lunch each day, you will practice and observe the lessons that were taught in the morning out in the field.

Day 3
In Field

The last day is used to put together all the skills learned and practiced in the first few days of your course. You will plan and execute your own ski tour with a small team alongside an instructor.

Our AIARE 1 Guides & Instructors

Meet who will be teaching your North Lake Tahoe AIARE 1 Course

North Lake Tahoe AIARE 1 Course Questions

The answers to our most commonly asked questions about our AIARE 1 course in Lake Tahoe.
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aiare course in lake tahoe taught by professional mountain guides

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