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Tahoe Via Ferrata

Climbers on the Tahoe Via Ferrata during the summer

Tahoe Via Ferrata

Introductory 2, 3, or 4-hour tour options Olympic Valley, CA
What activity combines all the best parts of climbing, hiking, and scrambling? PLUS allows you to ascend an 800-foot vertical cliff AND doesn’t require any specialized climbing skills? Enter Palisades Tahoe’s most exciting outdoor activity, the Tahoe Via Ferrata!  On the Via, participants can explore the previously inaccessible terrain of Tram Face, high above Olympic Valley’s floor with our professional mountain guides.

Think of Tahoe Via Ferrata as an assisted climbing activity.

It transforms once complex and impassable terrain into a fun and accessible course. We’ve equipped the rock with ladder rungs, steel steps, and suspension bridges to allow climbers to move through challenging terrain. Each route also has a steel cable anchored into the rock which runs up the entire route from start to finish. Each participant is issued a harness with a specialized lanyard that attaches to the cable. This system achieves two goals. First of all, it ensures that participants are connected to the rock 100% of the time. Secondly, it makes climbing a big cliff accessible to people with no prior climbing experience.