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Rapid Ascent™ is an innovative program for safer, faster climbing. Alpenglow invented it—and we do it best.

Rapid Ascent™ is a unique pre-acclimatization program developed by Alpenglow Expeditions. Other companies have attempted to replicate it but with lesser results. Over the past decade, we’ve perfected our regimen, which combines cutting-edge hypoxic training techniques with precise logistics and small team sizes to reliably increase chances of summit success. Rapid Ascent™ teams spend 30 to 50% less time away from home and arrive at base camp well-rested, energized, and prepared to take full advantage of every weather window.

Precise Logistics
Our precise trip planning and premier logistics factor in the unexpected—whether it’s a back-up jeep ready to-go in the event of a flat or a direct helicopter ride to base camp—we’re always prepared. Our operations team works around-the-clock to ensure that you have a smooth trip and that everything is ready to go upon your arrival in-country.
Experienced Guides
Your guide’s high level of professional certifications and years of experience with Rapid Ascent™ is of the utmost importance. We hand pick all of our guides based on a combination of professional certification, high altitude experience and of course fun loving personality. We understand that a guide can make or break an expedition, and that’s why we put a high priority on employing the best in the business.
Pin-Point Weather Forecasting
With pinpoint weather forecasting at our fingertips and pre-acclimatization in our back pockets, our expert guides are able to coordinate their team’s movements and take advantage of small weather windows—exponentially increasing the chances of success and shortening the expedition length.