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Climb Ojos Del Salado

Climb the world's highest volcano, Ojos Del Salado, in just 9 days! Enjoy intimate knowledge of the Andes Mountains, while being led by an Alpenglow Expeditions mountain guide who will give climbers an interactive and authentic experience with Andean culture.
33.4489° S, 70.6693° W
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Ojos De Salado Rapid Ascent™ Expedition

Intermediate 9 Days Chile
Climb Ojos del Salado, the world’s highest volcano in just 9 days with our professional mountain guides! Enjoy intimate knowledge of the Andes Mountains while being led by an Alpenglow mountain guide who will give climbers an interactive and authentic experience with Andean culture.
Jan 14, 2024 – Jan 22, 2024
Client hiking during sunrise on a guided Ojos Del Salados Expedition

This expedition is a combination of climbing one of the highest peaks in South America with Alpenglow’s Rapid Ascent™ program to create the ideal 9-day climbing trip.

By utilizing Hypoxico‘s altitude training tents at home for 4-weeks prior to the expedition, along with unparalleled logistics in Chile perfected over decades of leading expeditions to the greater ranges of the world, we can provide a world-class expedition to a remote volcano in roughly half the time it normally takes to climb this peak.

Climbers must be in excellent physical shape to join this expedition. Regular, challenging exercise for many months in advance of departure is the only way to gain the necessary level of fitness that is needed on big peaks. Climbing in the Cordillera Blanca is a large physical undertaking, and climbers who are joining our teams should have at least a general understanding of what it takes to train for an expedition like this. For a personalized training schedule, please reach out to our in-house trainer:
No prior technical experience is required. Though some previous experience rock climbing and moving on glaciated terrain is recommended.
It is required that climbers have prior experience at altitudes of 18,000’/5,500m. Alpenglow has many options to get you there. Ecuador, Peru, Kilimanjaro, and Elbrus in Russia are great opportunities.
Mountaineer climbing up to the summit of Ojos Del Salados during a guided Expedition

Ojos Del Salado Expedition Itinerary.

A group of clients hiking during an acclimatization hike on a guided Ojos Del Salados Expedition
Day 1
Fly to Santiago

Leave your home for Chile, arriving in Santiago (1,870’/570m) in the evening. Our guides will pick you up and bring you to the hotel.

Day 2
Transport to Santa Rosa Lake

After an early breakfast at the hotel, we will fly to Copiapó. From Copiapó we will drive (5 hrs) to Santa Rosa Lake. From here, we have the option for a scenic hike near the lake or a visit to the salt flats and flamingo sightseeing. After touring for half the day, we spend the afternoon preparing for our climb of Ojos del Salado, practicing fixed line techniques, and organizing gear. We spend the night at our campsite (11,811’/3600m).

Day 3
Overnight at Laguna Verde

From our campsite in Santa Rosa, we will take a 2 hr Jeep ride to Laguna Verde (2hrs). Climb Mulas Muertas in the afternoon (8 to 10hrs roundtrip to 18,897’/5760m). We overnight in our campsite (13,780’/4200m).

Day 4
Rest day at Basecamp

Today we drive (2 hrs) to Basecamp at 16,732’/5,100m, continue practicing our skills, and let our bodies further acclimatize. We spend the afternoon resting, hydrating, eating, and getting to bed early before our push to the summit of Ojos del Salado.

Day 5
Summit Day

After a midnight wake-up call, we begin our climb scrambling a rock ridge to the upper glacier. From there moderate slopes lead to another steep headwall. Often icy, this slope will require all of our climbing techniques to make it to the top. From the summit (22,615’/6893m), we descend to basecamp for a celebratory evening.

Day 6
Extra Weather Day

Extra weather day

Day 7
Extra Weather Day

Extra Weather Day

Day 8
Transfer to Copiapó

Transfer to Copiapó – Today we sleep in, eventually waking to the smell of fresh coffee. When we are ready, we return to Copiapó for dinner, and we will fly back to Santiago around 10pm. We spend the night in a hotel in Santiago.

Day 9
Last Day

Today, we pack up and say our farewells.

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