Alpenglow Consulting provides industry leading logistics, risk management, rigging and certified guides for your commercial project. Alpenglow has extensive international and domestic experience working on diverse projects in mountainous environments. 

About Alpenglow Consulting

By combining decades of collective experience, the highest certification standards, cutting edge techniques and equipment we are able to offer unparalleled service to our commercial clients. Mountain environments are extremely challenging for production teams and it is of paramount importance to have the best possible team managing these problems. Whether it is high altitude, technical terrain, extreme temperatures & weather, avalanche hazard or a production team unfamiliar with mountain travel, Alpenglow’s guides will facilitate an efficient and safe production. All Alpenglow guides are certified through the American Mountain Guides Association which ensures that we conform to industry best practices effectively adding another layer of security and risk management to productions.



Services Offered

Remote location scouting and access

High angle Film and Photo technical rigging

Climbing and skiing training for crew and talent

Stunt double work in all mountainous terrain

Avalanche hazard management

General risk management in mountainous environments

Alpenglow Consulting and its guides have worked with the following organizations


US Marine Corps US Navy
Land Rover Apple Inc
Toyota Motor Corp. Mercedes-Benz
Matchstick Productions Abbott Healthcare
Chase Bank  Discovery Channel



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