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12-Week Mountaineering Training Program

Climbers on the summit of Ama Dablam.

12-Week Training Program

When it comes to International expeditions, training and preparation are the only factors that you can control. That’s why we created the 12-Week Mountaineering Training Program. We wanted to provide our clients with a comprehensive training plan to get them to the top of their dream objectives.

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This is a specifically designed 12-week Cardiovascular and Muscular Strength & Endurance Training program based on the demands of a summit climb.

With gradual progressions, expedition-specific exercises, a complimentary trip discovery call with Griffin, our International Chief of Stoke, and a complimentary personal training call with Lynette, Alpenglow’s Personal Trainer, once you sign up for a trip. We will help you stand on top of giants.


Step one before you even start training is to set a goal you are going to train for! Have a date, expedition, or trip set in stone before you start training will help motivate you on the days that you don’t feel like putting in the work.

There are many factors involved in choosing which big objective you’d like to train for:

  • How much time can you take off?
  • What technical skills do you have?
  • Do you have high altitude experience?
  • What is your fitness level?

If you have any questions, we recommend reaching out to Griffin for your complimentary one-on-one call so he can explain the detailed differences and help you choose the perfect expedition for you!

Or you can schedule a call on his calendar here!


To complete this program you will need standard commercial gym equipment, indoor cardio machines (stairmaster, treadmill, bike, etc.), and the great outdoors. The outdoor component for training is to get you used to variable terrain, incline, and carrying weight on your back. Even if you don’t live near mountains, you can train on stadium stairs or fire escapes.

Ready to start training? Let’s get started.

“The biggest motivator for my training is picturing myself standing at the summit, looking down at what I’ve just climbed knowing that all of the months of hard work, the training sessions that I didn’t want to do but forced myself to complete, and the intention that I put in my preparation got me to this moment. Trust me, the training that you put in now will lead you to success on the mountain.” -Adrian Ballinger