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5 Reasons to Climb Aconcagua with Alpenglow Expeditions

You’ve gotten a taste of high altitude in Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia – and now you’re probably thinking about your next step in the high peaks of the world. Whether you’re on The Road to Everest or just looking to test yourself at higher altitudes, climbing Aconcagua is the perfect next step after you’ve conquered peaks in the 5000m – 6000m range.

Leaving Base Camp on Aconcagua
A Rapid Ascent™ team leaving base camp on Aconcagua


1.     Your First 7000 Meter Peak

You have been to 6000 meters, and you felt great. Now you’re ready to test yourself at 7000 meters . While a mere 1000m seems like a small jump, the higher you go the effects of altitude on your physiology are increased exponentially. Standing at 6962 meters (22,841 feet), climbing Aconcagua represents a fantastic altitude challenge and a unique opportunity to ensure that you are able to push your body to higher elevations safely.


Climbing on Aconcagua
Moving up to Camp 2 on Aconcagua

2.     Aconcagua is a Non-Technical 7000 Meter Peak

You don’t need an ice axe on Aconcagua, and in fact most of the climbing is on dirt. With the absence of glacier travel, your mind can focus on the physical task of moving uphill with less oxygen. By no means is climbing Aconcagua easy, but the lack of snow and ice means the difficulty surrounds altitude and learning how to recover efficiently with back to back days of movement at altitude. The non-technical nature of climbing Aconcagua means that you don’t need to have a huge climbing resume under your belt to make a solid attempt.

3.    Take the Weight Off With Porter Support

Portering means you’ll have the opportunity to lighten your load. Reducing the overall weight of your pack translates into saved energy while moving at altitude. We often say “light is right” in the climbing world, and porter support gives us the ability to capitalize on that old adage. Climbing Aconcagua with porters is included in the cost of Alpenglow’s Aconcagua Rapid Ascent™ expeditions.


4.     Tallest peak outside of Asia

If you live anywhere in the western hemisphere, traveling to the Himalaya comes with a large cost in travel time getting to and from the mountains. Traveling to South America is a much easier journey for most of the western world. If you want to test your skill at 7000m but are short on time, climbing Aconcagua is a fantastic option for you.

Summit of Aconcagua
Summit of Aconcagua on a beautiful bluebird day.

5.     Start and End in Mendoza

Climbing Aconcagua gives you the perfect reason to visit Mendoza. Full of incredible food (steak and Malbec anyone?), shopping, and cultural heritage, Mendoza is a world city on par with the most incredible cities on the planet. Give yourself an excuse to visit by climbing Aconcagua.


6.     Bonus Reason – Climb in 14 days with Rapid Ascent™

With Alpenglow Expeditions, you can spend a mere 14 days attempting Aconcagua, vs the industry standard of 21+ days. In todays modern world, time away from home and work is at a premium, and reducing the overall time needed by 30% makes this peak possible for those of us who need to balance climbing with life’s obligations.

For information on our Aconcagua Rapid Ascent™, or any of our other expeditions check out our website. For any questions call our office at 877-873-5376 or send us an email We hope to climb with you soon!