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A Photo Journey to the Summit of Ama Dablam

The experience of climbing Ama Dablam, considered by many to be the most beautiful mountain on the planet, is as visually spectacular as it is physically challenging. From the trek through the lush Khumbu Valley all the way to the icy summit, climbers travel through several distinct ecological zones.

After exploring for a few days in Kathmandu, the trek begins in Namche Bazaar. Over the course of 2 days, the team works their way through tea houses and beautiful meadows capped by stunning peaks. They travel up the Khumbu Valley towards Ama Dablam’s Base Camp.

Once the climbers reach base camp, the climbing demands a high level of skill and the whole team is made up of  accomplished climbers. The route has a little bit of everything – granite rock climbing up to 5.8, steep snow and ice climbing, exposed ridges, and multiple camps on the mountain. Follow along as we describe the experience in photos, taken on the arduous journey up to the summit at 22,525’ / 6,866m.

The trek begins in Namche Bazaar and passes through numerous small villages on the way to Ama Base Camp.


Enjoying a two-day ~20km trek through the Khumbu Valley.


Lush valleys dotted with small villages and cozy tea houses.


A suspension bridge and prayer flags over the Dudh Koshi river.


First glimpses of Ama Dablam in the distance.


When teams arrive in base camp, we take a day to rest our legs and allow the reality that we are about to climb sink in. Part of the day will be spent practicing high altitude skills.


Every climb in the Himalaya begins with a Puja ceremony.


Camp 1 under a blanket of stars. Photo Andy Bardon.


Insane views of the surrounding Himalaya.


After passing Camp 1 and reaching nearly 6000m, climbers encounter steep granite rock on the Yellow Tower. Try to climb 5.8 at that altitude in climbing boots!


No sleepwalking allowed at Camp 2.
Before we reach Camp 3, we climb the infamous Grey Tower, a technical vertical face with thousands of feet of dizzying exposure below. Past the tower, we climb up a snow-rock-ice chute to Mushroom Ridge, a bizarre rock formation with cornices stuck to a knife-edge ridge, 30 cm wide and one kilometer long.


Leaving Camp 2. Photo: Andy Bardon.


Climbers wake early for an alpine start on the day of their summit push from camp 2.7 to the top.


Teams cresting the summit at 22,525’ / 6,866m.


Big summit smiles after a hard-fought climb!

Ama Dablam

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