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Acclimatization Hikes in Bolivia

Isla Del Sol BoliviaFrom Lake Titicaca, the team will attempt their first peak, Pequeño Alpamayo (17,482′ / 5329m). Like its famous taller neighbor in Peru, Pequeño’s face is beautiful and the climb is technical yet reasonable. It is the ideal place to increase mountaineering skills. The team will be practicing glacier and climbing skills, acclimatizing, climbing sub-peaks, before finally making their first summit bid.

Day 3: Our Bolivia expedition team had a great acclimatization hike on Isla del Sol which is on Lake Titicaca (12,400′ / 3780m)  They were able to see the Royal Mountains Range while hiking. They then visited the town of Copacabana, also on Lake Titicaca and then drove to Tuni for another hike. So far the weather has been great!hike Bolivia
hike BoliviaDay 4: Our Bolivia expedition team summited Pico Austria (17,480′ / 5328m) today on their acclimatization hike. They are currently camping at Tuni, a collection of alpaca herder’s huts at 14,000′ / 4267m. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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