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Aconcagua Update: Team Pauses at Base Camp to Dodge the Wind

A climber with a blue backpack climbing with Alpenglow Expeditions descends from Camp 1 through tall white snow penitentes on Aconcagua

Hey folks, quick check-in from our Aconcagua team of 8 climbers. They just got back to base camp after a hike up to camp 1, hitting around 16,400 feet (5,000 meters). Now, here’s the update on their game plan.


Weather’s looking a bit tricky. High winds are on the horizon, but at least there’s no snow in the forecast. The crew is playing it smart and deciding to hang tight at base camp for a couple more days. The goal? Dodge the worst of the upcoming winds and set themselves up for a shot at the summit.

Climbing Aconcagua means dealing with more than just the physical grind. It’s about making strategic moves, and right now, that means taking a breather. Those gusts up high can be a real wild card, so the team wants to time their push for the summit just right.

These extra days at base camp give the crew a chance to catch their breath, get used to the thin air, and gear up for the final push. Our guides are keeping an eye on the weather updates, making sure the team’s ready to roll when the winds ease up a bit.

The team’s still in good spirits, swapping stories and getting ready for what lies ahead. Base camp’s buzzing with activity as they prep for the big summit bid.

Stick around for more updates as our Aconcagua crew gets set to tackle the last stretch. The mountain’s throwing some curveballs, but these climbers are up for the challenge. We’re sending them good weather vibes!

A group of climbers on an Alpenglow Expedition hikes through penitentes on Aconcagua as they move towards Camp 1.