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At Advanced Base Camp: An Update From Ama Dablam

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition

We’ve just received the latest update from our Ama Dablam climbing team. After arriving in Base Camp three days ago, they spent the first three days acclimatizing, having a puja blessing ceremony, and spent a day on nearby cliffs doing fixed rope training.

Our strong Sherpa team, led by Dorji Sonam Sherpa, has placed tents at Camp 1 and a rescue tent at Camp 2, so progress is moving quickly on the mountain. 

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Yesterday, the team left Base Camp for a four day rotation higher on the mountain, which helps the team acclimatize, move equipment up the hill, and it also allows them to become acquainted with the hardest technical pitches on the route. They spent Wednesday night in Advanced Base Camp at 17,000 feet. Today, they will tag Camp 1 at 19,000 feet and spend a second night at Advanced Base Camp. They plan to move up to Camp 1 for two nights and then climb to Camp 2, a climb that includes the famed Yellow Tower pitches (stellar granite rock climbing, that is up to 5.8 in difficulty). They will then descend to Base Camp to rest and prepare for their summit push.


Climbing on the famed Yellow Tower pitch of Ama Dablam in Nepal

Weather forecasts look great for the next few days with low winds and sunny days. The group is confident and strong and moved fast on their tag of Advanced Base Camp. Hopefully they will continue to feel strong!

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