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Alpamayo Team Stationed at Base Camp

Blue-green jewels tucked between the jagged peaks of the Peruvian Andes.

The team arrived at base camp on Thursday, July 5. They trekked past the spectacularly beautiful Santa Cruz Lakes, blue-green jewels tucked between the jagged peaks of the Peruvian Andes. Then the team turned up into the hanging valley that sits beneath Alpamayo, setting up their base camp at tree-line, approximately 13,500’/4,115m. The report from our team via satellite text:

“Team is feeling good- a couple small headaches (from altitude) but the team is stoked!”

The team is currently stationed at base camp. Yesterday they climbed to 16,200’/4,938m to set up Moraine Camp and then returned back to base. For acclimatization purposes, our climbers will spend as much or more time going down the mountain as they do going up. The deliberate ascension/descension prepares their bodies to perform at high altitude. The team reported from Moraine Camp,

“Perfect temps, fantastic food. Parties on the way to Col Camp today so we should get an update soon. Tomorrow we have a short hike and skills training planned.”

Then later after a successful mission,

“We are back in base camp after setting moríane camp. Everybody is doing great! Weather is amazing. Saludos!”

Spirits are high and the weather has been cooperating so far. Cheers to a great start to the trip.

The view from Moraine Camp


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