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Alpamayo Team Update

Snow storm thwarts team’s summit attempt

Two nights ago our team of climbers was at high camp, preparing for their summit bid in the coming day or two. That night, 6″ of heavy snow fell in high camp and plastered the face of Alpamayo. The new layer of snow creates instabilities in the surface that are not ideal for safe climbing conditions. That morning, the team decided to pack it up and get back to base camp before more weather moved in.

An avalanche warning was posted the day after the storm and confirmed our team’s belief that it would not be wise to climb the mountain in the following days. Before packing up and descending, the team reported that they were above the clouds and that the descent would be tough given that they would need to move through white out conditions without an established trail.

As the team descended a neighboring mountain had a big avalanche. More encouragement that the team was making the right move. Mushrooms and cornices were growing fast on the mountains surrounding them with new snow arriving as they made their descent.

The next night in base camp was a soggy one with wind battering the tents. They made the final decision to walk out of the valley with the plan to possibly climb another peak that isn’t so steep so as to avoid avalanche danger. They are now in Cashapampa regrouping and making new plans.

The mountains are never a certain bet! Our team was strong and ready to take on Alpamayo, but sometimes mother nature has the final word. We always respect her decision and would rather choose to climb another day rather than push the envelope. Great job team!