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Alpenglow is Using a New Oxygen System on Everest This Year


Alpenglow is using a new oxygen system on Everest this year. 2015 is the first time that we will use Summit Oxygen, which has developed the lightest and most reliable supplementary oxygen system for use on the world’s highest peaks. The Summit system is quickly becoming recognized as the standard for Himalayan mountaineering. This is one of the many ways that Alpenglow supports innovation and we have found that Summit Oxygen is the best equipment for our staff and members. On Everest, Alpenglow will back up the new Summit equipment with the TopOut and Poisk oxygen system that we’ve used previously.

The top benefits of Summit Oxygen are:

  • Accuracy. When using the Summit regulator you know exactly how much oxygen you’re getting. With the old Poisk regulators you never knew how much oxygen you were getting.
  • Reliability. Summit regulators have proven to be significantly more reliable than Poisk regulators, which we used to use and had a lot of reliability issues.
  • Weight. Summit regulators are the lightest on the market.
  • Summit Oxygen facemask. This mask has truly been designed for a purpose. The valves are more efficient which improves performance and safety on the mountain. They also don’t freeze like the TopOut mask valves.

​Summit Oxygen is a UK company that entered the market in 2003. The complete system includes cylinder, valve, regulator, and mask that make up the lightest weight system on the market.