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Alpenglow’s Return to the 360° Route on Aconcagua

Written by Robert Kyte


We are so excited to announce our return to the famed 360° Route for the 2022 climbing season!


Why Climb Aconcagua with Alpenglow?

There exists a multitude of reasons why Aconcagua should sit high on any mountaineer’s to-do list. At 6962 meters (22,837 ft.), Aconcagua is the tallest summit in South America and thus one of the storied Seven Summits, making it the perfect jumping-off point for anyone with Himalayan aspirations. Additionally, the 360° Route offers non-technical climbing all the way to the summit: consisting almost entirely of dirt and the occasional seasonal snowfield, the route allows climbers to maximize focus toward how their bodies will perform at altitude without the added challenge of glacier travel or technical sections of mixed climbing.


Why Do We Climb the 360° Route?

More obscure and less crowded, the 360° Route offers a unique path to the summit while combining the best parts of four other popular routes on the mountain (The Polish Glacier, Normal, Guanacos, and Ameghino). This way, climbers get to see more of this beautiful mountain by way of a truly one-of-a-kind route.

Summit team on Aconcagua

Via the 360° Route, climbers will traverse across Aconcagua’s varied terrain at a steady but satisfying pace. After spending roughly six days stocking progressively higher camps and following the traditional climb-high-sleep-low acclimatization method, teams will be ready to depart from high camp (19,600’/6000m) for a summit bid, ascending more than 3200 vertical feet in a day to the top (22,841’/6962m). While summit day is objectively the most challenging day of the expedition, it is also the most rewarding, and a test of both physical and mental fortitude. After celebrations and summit photos looking out from the high point of the Andes, climbers will descend to high camp for a quick rest and rehydration, and then make their way to Plaza des Mulas base camp. With the help of a quick helicopter trip out of base camp, within 24 hours climbers will go from the summit of Aconcagua to rest and relaxation in beautiful Mendoza, avoiding a long, arduous hike out from the base of the mountain.

Low crowds experienced across a full traverse of the mountain (rather than a traditional out-and-back climb) combined with Alpenglow’s signature Rapid Ascent acclimatization method make the less-traveled and more scenic 360° Route on Aconcagua the optimal way to climb one of our favorite peaks in the world.


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