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Back at hut, moving on…

The team has returned to the hut on Huascaran after today’s scouting mission higher on the mountain. After hearing about difficult conditions all over Huascaran this season, they anticipated some challenges, but hoped for the best. They wanted to take a look and found themselves peering at a couple of routes, which did not have an acceptable level of risk versus safety. They decided that this season on Huascaran was over for them with all of the hazards (debris, exposure, etc.) that they would have encountered regardless of route selection.

We’re glad they made what we all know is a difficult call on a mountain that they had high hopes for, but safety, as it always is with Alpenglow, was their priority. They will make their way back to Huaraz tomorrow and find another safer place to climb/trek for the duration of their time in Peru. We’ll keep you posted with more info and pictures upon their return to civilazation in Huaraz.