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Mountain adventures create the best stories, and we want to share some of ours with you. Dive into Alpenglow Stories to stay up to date on expeditions in the field, read blogs, and get tips and tricks from guides.

The South Side of Everest is Overcrowded with Inexperienced Climbers

The rise in High-altitude mountaineering’s popularity has caused a massive annual increase in the number of people attempting to climb Mt. Everest. To be clear, we do not see this…
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The North Side of Mount Everest

The Hazards of the South Side of Mount Everest

As mountain guides, our job is to manage and reduce risk as our teams climb. Mountains are inherently dangerous, and there is no such thing as a “safe” 8,000m peak….
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Why isnt Alpenglow Guiding Everest in 2023?

  It’s not because we don’t guide climbers on Mt. Everest. We do, and we’ve spent nearly two decades developing a unique approach to climbing the world’s tallest mountain. There…
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Alpenglow Ski Sale

You asked, and we delivered. We are selling our backcountry ski rental fleet! Here are the basics: – Our fleet is made up of Blizzard Zero G skis with Dynafit Rotation…
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Update from the April Ecuador Climbing School

Our Ecuador Climbing School is underway, and we’ve connected with Alpenglow guide Gaspar Navarrete for an update on how the expedition is going. On April 14th, the team summited Volcán…
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What’s in a Guide’s Pack on an 8000m Peak?

Thinking of climbing an 8000-meter peak and wondering what to put in your pack? When you’re above 8000-meters, it’s important that you have carefully considered, planned, and organized everything that…
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Five Basic Training Tips for the Mountain Athlete

While training for general fitness can be accomplished in a variety of ways, training for the mountains—and even a specific mountain—requires a thoughtful, intentional approach to boost your odds of…
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Packing Principles for Alpine Climbing

Written by Peter Terwilliger When we’re climbing in the alpine, we ideally carry no less and no more than what we need. When we think of passing someone on the…
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Three Steps to Start Ski Mountaineering

What does it mean to be a ski mountaineer? By definition, a ski mountaineer is someone who climbs mountains, either on skis or while carrying them, and then descends on…
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Train for the Himalaya on Peak Lenin

A thrilling sense of remoteness, in a place home to a unique mountain culture where few have traveled. An opportunity to experience what it’s like to climb above 7000 meters….
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