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Stories: Vinson Massif

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the 1966 Vinson Massif team stands in front of their plane

A Brief History of Vinson Massif

In 1966, a team of American mountaineers, led by Nicholas Clinch, achieved the first recorded ascent of Vinson Massif via the Western Ridge. This historic achievement marked a significant milestone in Antarctic exploration and opened the door to future expeditions.
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A climber ascending Vinson Massif.

The Top of the Bottom: Climb Vinson Massif

At 16,050’/4,892m, Vinson is the shortest but arguably one of the most memorable of the world’s coveted peaks. While altitude is not as much of a problem, however, the harsh and unforgiving conditions of the southernmost place on the planet present a unique array of challenges for hopeful climbers.
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