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Cho Oyu & Everest Team Update

Monday, April 30:

In preparation for a Cho/Everest push, guides Adrian and Topo tested their team of climbers with an acclimatization climb up

Lhotse (27,940′). 

Conditions were good with “real low wind and not much snow, just a little cloudy.” The team had a successful summit push and returned to base camp to organize gear and prepare for puja the next day.

After some well-deserved sleep, they reported, “All sherpa down and resting after big effort! Sunny and beautiful this morning after a bit more snow last night”


Wednesday, May 2:

Adrian and Topo are waiting for favorable conditions to climb Cho Oyu. They are keeping an eye out for for a clear weather window- current models show there may be a break starting May 10-11th.

“Tagged Camp 1 at 21,000′! Epic day, the team crushed.”

“We are doing good here. All loads and ropes in to high camp (c2) But I think we slow down now due to wind coming.  We will hope to catch a summit day at end of our possible window (10/11). Until then we will do some rotations to c1.”

Thursday, May 3:

The team settled into Camp 1. In order to build the camp, 45 yaks carried 2 tons of equipment to almost 19,000′.

“Big winds predicted for the mountain from the 5th-10th, we’re going to need this infrastructure to stay warm and safe. But first, we’re going to try to squeeze in a quick strike to 7000 meters.”