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Cho Oyu Team Arrives in Tibet

Text and photos: Zeb Blais

Potala Palace, Tibet, Tibet climbing, Lhasa



Since the vast majority of my expedition shopping was completed in Kathmandu, I spent the day exploring Lhasa. I’m meeting Brooks, my ski client, at the Lhasa airport tomorrow. We’ll head straight to Shigatse from there, then Cho Oyu Base Camp on the 13th if all goes as planned.

The highlight of the day was dropping in on a random restaurant from one of the tiny side streets in old part of town. My Chinese is horrible (I can usually get a hello and thank you across) and I was lucky to stumble upon a restaurant with an English speaking owner. He informed me that his buildings were erected over three hundred years ago (old by most standards, but only mid range in Lhasa!).

Lhasa, Tibet, Tibet climbing, spicy chicken chili, Tibetan food

The spicy chicken chili with naan bread was delicious and it was fun to enjoy a taste of the local spice a little off the beaten path.

But enough of this city stuff already- Let’s get to the mountains!

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet, Tibet climbing