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Clear Days Ahead

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition

Although Adrian and two sherpas were pulled away from the team to perform a rescue of an Austrian climber, Shinji and the team completed the three day acclimatization plan with great success. The rescue team charged 7000′ up the empty mountain (from BC to just below the summit) in about five and a half hours, and spent the next two days and nights (eventually joined by 6 more sherpas) getting the victim down to a safe evacuation site. Meanwhile, the rest of the team proved their prowess over the technical sections of the climb and got a feel for what lies ahead. Everyone is now resting back at Base Camp together after an eventful few days. The team plans to begin their summit bid on the 4th as they head to Camp I for a night and then move on to Camp II on the 5th. For now, the forecast is showing the 6th as a good summit day, so stay tuned!