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Congratulations to the Winner of Our Ecuador Climbing School Contest


The winner of Alpenglow’s Ecuador Climbing School Contest is Jenny Weisshaupt, from Sitka, Alaska. Congratulations Jenny! She says she’s super excited because “I love learning from other cultures and can’t wait to meet the people of Ecuador and see their home. I think my excitement can be best summed up by this Henry Rollins quote: “there are lessons that you can’t get out of a book that are waiting for you at the other end of that flight.”


Jenny was randomly selected as the winner of the free climbing trip on Cotopaxi. She will soon be enjoying this once in a lifetime trip and we’re so excited for her!

She says “the majority of my backpacking experience has been in the Grand Canyon (~150 miles), Colorado, and now Alaska, where I’ve also discovered a love for sea kayaking, fishing, and harvesting mushrooms, berries and plants.  I REALLY miss skiing in Colorado as we don’t get much snow here but we do have our own volcano! Everyone on this island needs “off the rock” to maintain their sanity and I was JUST considering a hike to Everest base camp. But I held off because I tore a muscle playing hockey and next thing you know I receive an email from Alpenglow that I won the contest to climb Cotopaxi in Ecuador! I’m so excited, as I’ve only been out of the USA once, and have never hiked higher than the 14ers in Colorado.”

Thousands of people entered our Facebook contest to win an introductory climbing trip to Ecuador. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered and we hope you join us in the future, to make your climbing dreams happen!