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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for Local Winter Programs

It is clear that COVID-19 will remain a challenge this winter, and that it will be important for us to continue taking precaution in order to keep our guests and staff safe. In an effort to do our part in limiting the spread of the virus, we will follow all local and state guidelines in regard to our COVID-19 policies and procedures. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned during this time is that we need to be flexible and responsive to frequent changes as they arise. That being said, we will update our practices accordingly as things progress throughout the season, and try to keep this blog up to date.



For the check-in process in the morning, we will limit the amount of time spent indoors and face masks will be required in the office/classroom during check-in for those that are not vaccinated. Hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, and gloves will be available upon request. All liability waivers will be touchless, with a link sent to each participant’s phone or email.



The health and safety of our clients and staff is of the utmost importance to us. With that in mind, health screenings will continue to be required for all clients prior to joining a program. These health screenings will include a series of questions that check for COVID-19 symptoms, as well as exposure history. If a client doesn’t pass the screening, they will retain full credit for their adventure, good for use anytime after 2 weeks have passed. This same policy applies to all guides and staff- anyone that doesn’t pass the daily screening will not be allowed to work until cleared by a medical doctor.



Our 3-day, in-person AIARE courses will be limited to 18 individuals this winter, and held in a large, open classroom. Due to the extended amount of time spent in an enclosed space, masks will be required for all students in our 3-day AIARE 1 and Frog Lake Hut-Based AIARE 1 courses during the indoor portion of the class.  Hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves will be made available for anyone who wants them.



For all Alpenglow trips/courses that involve an overnight stay among a group- which includes Frog Lake Hut Ski Guiding and Hut-Based AIARE 1 courses- we will require a vaccination record OR a negative COVID-19 test, provided by us, that will be administered at the trailhead on the first morning of your trip. A mask will be required during any extended period of time spent in a shared indoor space, (classroom portion of the course, etc).



We have a maximum group size of 6 guests for all programs, including AIARE courses. Even though we might have up to 24 students in one AIARE course, these groups will spread out in the field and adhere to the 6 person group size.



We are excited to get outside with you this winter! We’re confident that the measures we are taking will protect our staff and guests alike, and will not significantly take away from the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment that we all get from playing in the mountains. If you have any questions about our precautions, please feel free to contact the office.