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Ecuador Climbing School is Underway!

Fuya Fuya: “once again, team did great 3h 11min round trip…. now sitting at a local restaurant, trying the local cuisine of Otavalo” – Jamie

We’re Back!

We are beyond excited to welcome climbers back to our international programs for the first time in almost a year. After an 8-month shutdown of our entire international program, we are officially operating again in Ecuador!

The Ecuador Climbing School is running for two weeks and our team is planning to climb Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and then Chimborazo. There’s also a crew of skiers who will be climbing the same peaks as the climbing school but making a ski descent. Our team of skiers is lead by Gaspar and our team of climbers is led by Jaime.


Early Trip Acclimatization:

All climbers and skiers arrived in Quito over the weekend (12/5) and spent a couple of days exploring the city and doing some acclimatization hikes before they started to head towards the mountains to climb their first objective- Cayambe.

Jaime’s crew checked out the Basílica del Voto Nacional and climbed Rucu Pichincha (4,784m/15,696 ft). Gaspar’s team climbed Guagua Pichincha (4,784m/15,696’) and Padre Encantado outside the village of Lloa.


Gaspar’s team climbing Guagua Pichincha (4,784m/15,696’) and Padre Encantado outside the village of Lloa to continue acclimatizing. Photo: Iain Kuo

Day 4:

Besides for summit day, day 4 of the Ecuador Climbing School is hands down our favorite day of the expedition. Today our team left Quito and headed to Fuya Fuya (4,263m/13,986ft). This is the last acclimatization hike before they head into glaciated terrain, and it’s a beautiful one! Fuya Fuya is a craggy summit towering above a gorgeous lake, it’s actually the filled-in crater of an ancient stratovolcano known as Mojanda.

After the hike, the team went back down to Otavalo for some local cuisine and caught a glimpse of the city’s famous textile market. The team lodged in style at the 18th century Hacienda Pinsaqui, a real treat before they head up to the Refugio at the base of Cayambe’s glacier. Once on the glacier, they will begin their snow skills training- walking in crampons, using an ice axe, and roped glacier travel. YAHOO, let’s get climbing!

Ruales Oleas Berge Refuge at the base of Cayambe’s Glacier

Onwards and Upwards!

As of 12pm PST 12/9. Guide Jamie reports: “We’re at the hut, and just back after an acclimatization hike and reaching 15750feet- which is a new PR for some people on the trip. The whole team did great! Now, we’re waiting for dinner, and in the meantime, we’ll do some rope work!”



For information on any of our other expeditions check out our website. For any questions call our office at 877-873-5376 or send us an email at We hope to climb with you soon!