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Elbrus Summit Push Is Happening!

Text & Photos: Ben Mitchell

Elbrus hike“Day 9: Had a good day today. Weather was clear, a bit windy at our high point. A fair number of climbers on the route today. High winds up high kept the summit numbers around 50%. The team climbed to 4800 meters at the top of Pushnakov rocks. Everyone felt good on the hike and moved well. We are taking a full rest day tomorrow and planning to climb the following morning!Elbrus acclimatization hike





Day 10: Great rest day. We took the gondola down and went to the sauna for a quick soak and lunch. Then had a coffee in town. Heading back up the gondola and an early bed. Weather is looking good for tomorrow!

Elbrus hiking

Everyone is fired up to climb, feeling good here at the hut. Our weather forecast has slowly been improving by small increments each day. Planning on a 4 am car ride to start. Taking a little late start to let the winds continue to drop as the trend is to continue to get better as the day goes. Planning on taking the cat down from Pushnakov rocks as well, and making the lift for dinner and a shower in the valley if all goes right.


Day 11: And we’re off!”Elbrus summit push


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