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Everest 2015 Begins! Week 1


Alpenglow’s Everest 2015 expedition has begun! It’s nearly impossible to put in to words how excited we are to have our team all together. Our blog will be your go-to for information on our Everest expedition and daily updates on our team’s progress as they climb from Everest’s North Side in Tibet. You can also follow along on Twitter at @alpenglowexped and there will be highlights on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any questions about anything at all – family members climbing, how team members are doing, the Heroes Project crew – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through live chat or email us at info@alpenglowexpeditions.com.

April 20, 2015 – The team met in Kathmandu today! Everyone arrived safely and had a great day touring the city. Here’s a picture of their team dinner, thanks to Jiban for taking the team photo. Alpenglow’s Everest crew is looking good! 


All visas are approved, their gear is packed, a briefing given, and did we say all the gear is packed? Here’s guide Brian Warren sitting on a heap of gear, does this give you an idea of the thousands of pounds of bags and barrels that are heading to Base Camp? 


April 21, 2015 – Flying to Lhasa today. Adrian says “yahoo!” Stay tuned for more yahoo’s and pictures from their beautiful flight over the Himalaya.

The team explored and climbed the stairs at the Potala Palace today. 


April 23, 2015 – Team is in Shigatse! They are driving to Base Camp tomorrow, where they plan to spend the next week resting and hanging out. We will keep you posted!


April 24, 2015 – The team is driving to Everest Base Camp today. Right before they began driving overland to Base Camp, Adrian sent us this photo of the Tashi Lumpo monastery, which was our team’s last stop to explore local Tibetan culture before heading to the mountain. 


After checking out the monastery, the team began their drive to Base Camp and Brian got this shot at Lhakpa La pass, the high point on the road to Everest Base Camp, which runs over the Tibetan Plateau. This sea of prayer flags marks the 17,100 foot pass (5,220 meters). Everyone is doing great and enjoying their incredible experience so far.

April 25, 2015 – Alpenglow’s team is SAFE in North Side Base Camp, after a 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, affecting most parts of the country and areas in China and Tibet.

However, there have been several deaths reported on Everest’s South Side. Our team is in regular contact with the South Side and the ongoing rescue and will be holding a puja tomorrow for the mountain and those lost in the earthquake. Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to those on the South Side, and throughout Nepal, who have been affected. All updates will be posted on our blog that is specific to the quake as we hear more http://bit.ly/1DmRKKt


April 26, 2015 – Our team took this photo after a fantastic puja. From shots of blessed whiskey, hugs, and smiles we were straight back into contacting family and friends in the Khumbu to be sure they were safe. We’re happy to say that all of our team’s families are ok. We have a great from around the world in Tibet. The energy is good despite the circumstances. We have another Base Camp day planned for tomorrow. We will be adding a “Week 2” blog and will continue to post updates on our team from there.