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Everest 2017 – Rapid Ascent and Everest No Filter

Well folks, it’s that time of year again! The winter is thawing and Everest is beginning to call our name. Alpenglow Expeditions has assembled another fantastic team of climbers, sherpa and guides who are all dreaming of summiting in 2017. Our entire team here at Alpenglow is in preparation mode, receiving shipments of new equipment almost daily as we check off our gear lists and continue to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Here’s a quick update on this year’s expeditions to the highest point in the world:

Guide training for Mt Everest
Guide Topo Mena putting in the hard word for Everest. Long runs with heavy packs are the name of the game.

Everest Rapid Ascent 

This season we’re bringing a very strong team of 3 climbers to the North Side of Mt Everest. Brooks, Alasdair and Kirk are all deep in training and preparation mode putting the sweat in now to reap the rewards on the mountain. Their guides are all simultaneously putting in the time and effort. Our cast of guides brings back both Chad Peele and Zeb Blais following up on their successful season last year, adding the coolest guy on the planet Esteban “Topo” Mena to the full roster.

#EverestNoFilter Returns

Last year’s Everest season was made exciting and instantly accessible to those of us at home by Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards during their “Everest No Filter” expedition. The idea was to attempt to summit without oxygen, and utilize technology and social media to broadcast their journey in near real time using Snapchat. Catch the highlights in the video below.

The duo is back this season and more motivated than ever. The dynamic changes a bit though as Cory moves into a support role while Adrian will have climbing as his only focus seeking redemption on the mountain that he’s summited 6 times previously, but never without supplemental oxygen.

Follow along on these channels:

EverestNoFilter: Snapchat handle EverestNoFilter

Adrian: Instagram – Snapchat (search Adrianjb) – FacebookTwitter

Cory: InstagramFacebookTwitter