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Everest Summit for #RapidAscent Team

At 04:16 local time on May 22, the team of Bryan Osoro & Trudi Seiwald led by Chad Peele and Zeb Blais along with the Sherpa team of Panuru, Pasang Rinji and Mingma Tchiring reached the summit of Mount Everest. The team moved fast from their camp at 8300m and gained the summit before the sun had even risen. They reported that the entire sky was lit up and took a few celebratory photos and enjoyed the view. Not 15 minutes later they were leaving the summit with smiles on their faces have touched the highest point on the planet.

The plan for the descent will be to move as low as possible before they’re too tired or night falls. We’ll keep updating the blog with the team’s progress.

11:22pm: Team is walking out of camp now. Warm weather. All feeling great.

12:25am: First hour going well: “Fast and furious” in Chad’s words. Almost at exit cracks out onto the ridge.

12:57am: Whole team (4 member 3 Sherpa) starting first step.

1:29am: Mushroom rock. First bottle exchanged. Everyone moving well and feeling good. Light snow. Warm temps.

1:48am: Waiting in a small queue at bottom of second step.

2:14am: All members and Sherpa at the top of the second step. Moving well.

3:01am: Top of third step. Final bottle changed. Warm temps. Light breeze a bit of cloud and light snow. They’re moving towards the summit snow slope but it’s still dark.

4:02am: Panuru Sherpa says they are 15min from the top!!!

4:16am: SUMMIT

4:37am: Leaving the summit now. No sunrise but light all around. They got a couple of good views. Everyone feels fingers and toes and smiles!!

5:25am: They’re now below the third step, just waiting to go down the second where there are still a couple of people coming up.

5:46am: All at bottom of second step. All good.