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Everest Team Prepares for Summit Push

On the way to North Col Camp
The team departing Advanced Base Camp (21,300’ / 6400m) for an acclimatization climb to North Col Camp (23,000’ / 7000m).


The Everest team is planning their summit push around an upcoming window of calm weather. Current intense winds are expected to drop by May 10, making way for a massive stretch of high pressure with low winds through May 16.

ABC to North Col Camp

The team, currently based out of Advanced Base Camp (21,300’/6400m), will complete acclimatization climb to North Col Camp (23,000’/7000m) and then return to ABC for a couple more days of rest before their summit push.

Tagging North Col Camp is an important milestone for climbers. For the safety of the climber and the entire team, Alpenglow requires that climbers complete this training day before attempting to summit to ensure that all members of the team are prepared for the most challenging days of the expedition ahead.

Ready for acclimatization climb to Nor Col Camp
Without a doubt, this is the best-dressed team on the mountain!

The climbers travel from the edge of the East Rongbuk Glacier up progressively steepening snow slopes. Over the course of the 2,000′ climb, climbers focus on crampon efficiency and fixed rope technique.

The Final Summit Push

If all goes according to plan with the North Col tag and favorable weather conditions hold, the team plans to make their big push to the summit May 12-15. The terrain above North Col Camp varies with mostly easy snow and rock ledge walking punctuated by short steeper steps. Over a few days, the team will progress through Camp 2 (24,750’/ 7500m), Camp 3 (25,600’ / 7900m), Camp 4 (27,400’/ 8300m) and on to the summit (29,029’ / 8848m).