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#EverestNoFilter: Staying Flexible

Adventure wouldn’t be what it is without some unexpected twists and turns. No matter how much planning is put in, there will inevitably be a few surprises along the way.

The #EverestNoFilter team of Adrian and Cory are currently enjoying one of those twists with an impromptu journey into the Khumbu Valley to acclimatize before reaching Everest Base Camp on the North Side of the mountain. For those of you following along, you’ll notice this is the opposite side they should be approaching from. The cause of this diversion is the temporary closure of the border between Tibet and Nepal forcing the team to make other plans to stay on track in terms of acclimatization.


The border is to remain closed for another week so Adrian and Cory repacked their bags only bringing the bare essentials to the Khumbu. The rest of the gear will stay in Kathmandu waiting for them to return and head to Tibet with our Rapid Ascent team who is arriving on April 18.

The current plan for the #EverestNoFilter boys is to move high into the Khumbu and climb 20,000’ Island Peak. They are aiming to spend a night on top of the mountain before making a fast descent all the way back to Kathmandu where they will meet Alpenglow’s Rapid Ascent expedition and will then begin driving towards Tibet and the North Side of Everest.


The entire diversion is turning out to be a blessing in disguise as it gives Adrian and Cory a chance to see some old friends in the Khumbu and allows them to see firsthand the ongoing rebuilding of the region after the devastating earthquake last spring.

Next steps will be to successfully summit Island Peak and hurry back in time to catch the border opening and the other team. We’ll keep you posted here with updates every few days. To see the expedition in real time, get the Snapchat app and follow EverestNoFilter. There you’ll see multiple updates everyday from their firsthand perspective.

-Alpenglow Team