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First group summits Manaslu!

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition

Word came today that the first group had summited Manaslu in beautiful weather! The Himex sherpa (led by Dorje today) fixed from C4 to the true summit. The first team included 3 guides (Jaime, Narli and Ryuseki), 9 members including two without oxygen (Billi and Pierre), and 12 sherpa. They have all made their way back to C2 safely. The second group (guided by Adrian and Brian), including Ken, the cameraman, and 8 members (seven from WWTW and Sergey, the Russian skier), are all at C4 and ready to head up for the summit at 5:30am with 9 sherpa. The weather forecast looks good and they are excited for the day. Adrian and Sergey will be taking their skis and evaluating conditions before deciding whether to ski from ‘the rock’ the ‘false summit’ or the ‘plateau’. They’ll likely ski to C4, wait for the rest of the team, and continue from there. We’ll keep you posted with any other news we get from high on the mountain!