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Glacier Day on Cotopaxi

Our Ecuador climbing team is chugging along and making great progress on both acclimatization as well as learning the necessary glacier travel and climbing skills. Our lead guide in Ecuador, Jaime Avila reports that the mountain has recently been covered in clouds in the morning, and is clearing by mid morning.

Jaime will be evaluating conditions starting tomorrow morning (December 7) and may make the call to begin climbing right away so the team can climb and summit with stunning and clear views. If the weather and conditions are not looking favorable, they will wait until tomorrow night and make their ascent under the cover of night, targeting an early morning sunrise summit. This latter option is traditional, however weather changes quickly in Ecuador and Jaime would like to maximize climbing in clear and beautiful conditions if possible.

Today’s update and photos from lead guide Jaime Avila:

“Our day began at 7am, although the mountain was covered in clouds we had great views of the surrounding valleys and enjoyed a nice breakfast in Tambopaxi. We drove to the trailhead and hiked to the hut enduring through moderate winds and a humid cloud. Once in the glacier we talked about crampons, ice axe and self arrest. The weather improved around 10am and by the end of our practice we enjoyed nice views of the mountain.

The practice went well for everybody, for some of our client this was the first time on a glacier and by the end of the day everybody was showing great style and feeling confident for the climb.

Now, since the weather has been really humid in the nights and the pattern seems to be clear mornings, we might do a summit attempt tomorrow during the day. That way we will be able to be warmer, dryer and hopefully have some views.”