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Leadership Sets Us Apart On Everest

Our Mount Everest expedition leader, Adrian Ballinger, has 8 summits of Everest, and has been guiding on the mountain for over a decade. He was the first to bring Rapid Ascent expeditions to the commercial guiding space in 2011, and has been pioneering faster ascents on 8,000m peaks since 2012.

Our leadership team on Everest is made up of more than our guides, however. Our Sherpa staff is a huge part of our team and our success on Everest.

Dorji Sonam Sherpa and Adrian Ballinger have been climbing together for nearly 20 years, and he has made 19 summits of Everest throughout his career. He is our Sherpa Sirdar (lead Sherpa), and is a vital member of our leadership team on Everest.

Between the entire guide/Sherpa staff on at Alpenglow, we have over 100 summits of Everest. When it comes to climbing the tallest mountain on the planet, experience matters.

Our 2024 Everest team is almost finalized. If you want to climb the north side of Everest with us, the time is now to book your spot. Reach out to the team today for more info!