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Let the Countdown to Everest Season Begin!


It’s time to talk about Everest

On paper, an expedition to the north side of Everest comprises of just 35 days on the Alpenglow Expeditions climbing calendar. That said, the reality for our team is that it’s actually a year-round endeavor. Preparations begin as soon as the last tent is removed from the mountain in the early summer. It takes half a year of logistics planning before boots can even set foot on the flanks of the mountain. Plus, every month of the year we’re training and climbing with clients on peaks across the world while they move along The Road to Everest.

Even though we’re still two full months away from arrival, the logistics team is working hard on making sure all of the details are perfect for our team. This season we are 40 people strong between climbers, guides, and Sherpa. In just a few short days, the climbers themselves will begin the 8-week pre-acclimatization cycle in preparation for their speedy arrival in base camp.

So you might forgive us if we start to talk about Everest a whole lot in the coming months. We just can’t hold back anymore…



For more information on our Everest Expeditions or any of our other international expeditions check out our website. For any questions call our office at 877-873-5376 or send us an email