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Looking Ahead and Beyond the North Col (7,020m/23,030’)

Nobody blew away… but some tents at North Col Camp sure did!

As of yesterday morning (US time), all of Alpenglow’s 2019 Everest Expeditions completed their North Col rotation, despite challenging weather. Currently, we have 19 climbers on the mountain in Tibet. Our solo Lightning Ascent team member Roxanne, whose objective is to climb Everest in 14 days door-to-door from the United States, is waiting patiently in the states for a clear weather window. All teams are eagerly watching the winds and keeping an eye out for a shift in weather. With gale force winds in the forecast through May 12, rope fixing above N. Col is on hold. Sherpa teams are staged and ready to tackle the upper parts of the mountain when opportunities present themselves. Meanwhile, all climbers are in high spirits and keeping their sights set on their individual goals.

Photo: Keith Ladzinski, Climbers Estaban Topo Mena

Expedition leader Adrian Ballinger is back at Everest Base Camp with his team, along with Lightning Ascent Team guide Lydia Bradey, and the New Route team of Cory Richards, Topo Mena, and cameraman Erich Roepke. The New Route teams photographer, Keith Ladzinski, spent one month on the mountain and now he’s headed back to the US with some of the best photos ever taken of Everest. 

Alpenglow’s Rapid Ascent Team, lead by guides Chad Peele and Carla Perez, made it to 6,854m/22,487’ before high winds pushed them back to Advanced Base Camp. They rested for a day and are now descending to Everest Base Camp in order to regroup and prepare for a push to the top. 

Everest Base Camp is currently the best place for all climbers to rest and relax, and also affords them the opportunity to stay up to date with Game of Thrones. Our daily communications with the group are starting to make us wonder what they’re waiting for; a summit window, or the next episode… Here’s to changing weather!


Follow Along on Instagram

We have a strong contingent of instagrammers on the mountain this year. Here’s a rundown of who to follow to get the most authentic updates.

@AdrianBallinger – Expedition leader, Alpenglow founder and 8-time summitter of Everest

@CoryRichards – Award-winning National Geographic photographer and all around badass

@EstebanTopoMena – The man, the myth, the legend. If you know, you know.

@Em_Turn – our stylish without trying base camp manager

@CarolineGleich – You know who she is! Successfully skied Cho Oyu last fall.

@Rob.Lea – Going for the ultimate world triathlon. Wow!

@LydiaBradey – First woman to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen.

@Carla.Perez.Ec – First South American woman to summit without supplemental oxygen

@ChadPeele – A legend in his own right, and one of Alpenglow’s longest standing guides

@Ladzinski – National Geographic photographer documenting Cory and Topo’s climb

@ErichRoepke – Incredible storyteller on Cory and Topo’s team


Photo: Cory Richards

Mount Everest North Side Rapid Ascent Expedition

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