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Made It

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition

9 climbers, 3 guides and 12 Sherpa from our team made it to the top of the world. The fastest were there by 6am May 21st local (5:15pm PST May 20th), with all the others achieving it over the next 3 hours or so. The first of our members are already back in Camp 4 now (8:30 am local), with the rest descending as we write.

The summit was reported as totally beautiful. The weather was clear and not very cold, until the wind picked up after 5am. The views from the summit were incredible. The cloud level was down around 20,000ft, making all the valleys a picture of roiling clouds, with the higher peaks all around rising starkly into the clear air.

Our team’s plan at the moment is to rest up at Camp 4, then proceed on down the mountain tomorrow.

More details soon!
Adrian Ballinger via sat phone.