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March Ecuador Climbing School Underway

The beautiful Mojanda volcanic lakes in the foothills of Fuya Fuya

School is in Session!

On Tuesday our Ecuador Climbing School arrived in Ortavalo to begin their expedition. This season’s team is led by Ignacio Espinosa, more affectionately known by our team as “Nacho.” A local Ecuadorian, Nacho is an IFMGA guide and has been guiding in the Ecuadorian Andes and the Cordillera Blanca range of the Peruvian Andes for the last 15 years. When he isn’t out in the mountains, Nacho plays in a local punk band.

Topping out Fuya Fuya, our first acclimatization hike.

Tuesday’s update from Nacho:

“Today we woke up early and drove North to the beautiful Mojanda volcanic lakes in the foothills of Fuya Fuya. The weather was nice and we made all the way to the top! {14,000’/4,263m} After the acclimatization hike we drove back to Otavalo where we had
lunch. Now we are resting at Pinsaqui Hacienda.”

After a relaxing night at the historic Hacienda Pinsaqui, the team will move up to the high refuge on Cayambe. Over the course of the next xx days, the team will focus on education, building technical skills, and gaining mountaineering experience. They will work on glacier travel, crampon and ice axe techniques, rappelling and crevasse rescue while climbing Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo.

Developing crampon and ice axe skills

Wednesday’s update from Nacho:

“Today we start the glacier school on Cayambe. We had the chance to go to the glacier in the afternoon and start dialing in our footwork skills! The team is motivated to learn. They are handling the altitude well and feeling healthy 😁 Saludos!”

Glacier school on Cayambe

Today’s update:

The team just returned to the hut after their second day of practice on the glacier. They practiced rope team travel and self-arrest using an ice axe.



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